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Abundant Mindset 101

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Abundance 101 Training is an introduction into developing mindfulness, gaining control of the inner mind chatter, and releasing the inner critic of self judgement. Scarcity mindset, self doubt and a mind full of random thoughts leaves us feeling out of control, out of balance and can lead to feeling heavy and unhappy. In these 4 sessions we learn foundational mindfulness based practices, science based tools to boost your happiness quotient and learn to develop the foundational steps in cultivating unconditional happiness, and less judgement of yourself and others. Learn to meditate developing a tool box of 8 meditation styles so that you can self diagnose what meditation you need in the moment to manage stress and/or emotions. This unique training blends Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, Meditation, Hypnosis, Yoga & Metaphysics for a close look to amplify your abundance.

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