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About Izzy 

CEO of IN Consulting and The WO Network, Izzy Nalley's mission goes beyond business; to help individuals and businesses Calm the Chaos and Make More Money. Her passion is educating and inspiring entrepreneurs to use their business journey to step into making an impact in the world while creating an abundant life. 

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My Story

I've always be. na deeply spiritual person and have had an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and growth. Hence over 30 certifications, 4 degrees and counting. 

I grew up in a house full of entrepreneurs, it is in my blood. I can recall in 2nd grade drawing coloring pages and selling them for 25 cents so that I could buy myself pencils and erasers from the bookstore and eagerly cleaning houses for one of our family businesses at the age of 11 (it helped that I look like I was 17).  I learned how to work hard and make work happen. 

I began a sales position at 17 selling luxury hair products, as I learned about the science of the products and who they were for I was able to sell $100 shampoo multiple times per day (Yes, it was really $100 for the shampoo and another $100 for the conditioner). 

I officially started my first business in 2013 while in college and with two kids. It began with teaching yoga in the front room of my house but quickly expanded into teaching workshops, creating custom trainings for corporate wellness, children and family programs and more. 
 I had decided that I was going to create the experience that I needed to have the career I wanted and knew was possible which led to corporate learning and development; managing and creating learning programs. 

While working and growing my business, I kept learning and taking any training or certification that became available to me. Even while I was completing my MBA I was in additional business programs that were filling the gaps that were missing. I was tenacious on my pursuit to not only grow my business but to get the results for my clients. 

Learning and development led to change management which led to communications advisory which then led to marketing and business development. Every skill that I had been developing for my business I was now applying to other businesses. And as I dove deeper into consulting and telling people exactly what they needed, I realized that I and many of my clients were missing something super important...spirituality and confidence. This pulled me full circle back to my foundation of mindfulness, psychology and health. 

We must have the fuel to move forward. It became very clear that we needed to focus less on the hustle and more on the flow; to develop careers and businesses that fuel us rather than burn us out. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


About Me.

I love learning and love sharing the wisdom. I have been deeply studying mindfulness, yogic philosophy, positive psychology and holistic quantum healing since the early 2000s to understand the inner workings of the minds and behavior change. Combining this with buyer psychology, UX design, project management and agile scrum methodologies - its all about how to get the work done while improving our relationship and communications skills. 


2024 - 

PhD, Metaphysics
University of Sedona

The mental emotional relationship with trust, hope and creating a life of one's desire. Understanding the biology of belief, layers of self motivation and actualization. The “relativity” of perception in how it affects "survival mode" vs abundance within the mind and body, allowing life actualization.

2019 - 2020

University of Louisville 

Briefly describe your degree and any other highlights about your studies you want to share. Be sure to include relevant skills you gained, accomplishments you achieved or milestones you reached during your education.

2017 - 2020

Psychology, Therapy
Yoga Therapy
UofL, IU, Prana Institue

CBT, NLP, Yoga Therapy, Clinical Therapy 
Trauma Informed

Clinicals in addiction recovery for women


Public Health

Exercise Science

Sports Medicine, Corrective Alignment 

Corporate Wellness, Wellness Coaching Minor

Peace & Justice Studies, Mediation

Minor Psychology


Business Entrepreneurship


Associates in Business Entrepreneurship

Full Scholarship Awarded for idea submission

More Coming Soon, List of Certifications 

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