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What is Pre-Launch Marketing?

Pre-Launch Marketing: secure your audience before launch, start early, and release teasers.

What is pre-launch marketing?

Pre-launch marketing is a range of marketing efforts focused on generating buzz and excitement for a new product or service before it launches. The goal is to build up anticipation and interest so customers will be eager to buy from you when launch day finally arrives.

10 pre-launch marketing strategies to try

  1. Secure your audience before launch

  2. Start early

  3. Release teasers

  4. Run a contest

  5. Build hype through influencers

  6. Create a press kit

  7. Throw a launch party

  8. Use Amazon Live

  9. Run audio ads

  10. Connect with niche communities

1. Secure your audience before launch

Before a new product launch, ensure you have a solid group of people interested in what you’re offering.

One way to do this is to create a lead generation landing page where people can pre-register or sign up for your email list. You can generate traffic to this through:

  • Search engine optimization (SEO)

  • Paid ads

  • Organic social media

  • Traditional advertising

  • Content marketing

The important part is the conversion: turning visitors into potential buyers by persuading them to hand over their details, consenting to further communication from you. You can encourage these conversions with an enticing offer, like early access or a discount for email subscribers.

2. Start Early

The key is building relationships with potential customers well before opening an "online store". That way, they’ll be sizzling with anticipation for your awesome new offering when you're finally ready to go live. You don't want to launch to the sound of crickets and an empty register, so it’s important to start your build-up with plenty of time before the big day.

Take email marketing, for example. With a mailing list, you’ve got plenty of opportunities to drip-feed content in the months leading up to your launch. You could talk about the story behind your idea, refining the product to its final version, the materials and how you've sourced them, which problem it solves—the possibilities are huge.

3. Release teasers

It's not just behind-the-scenes content that resonates with customers. Teasing out your product, or a particular feature or bundle option they could be excited about, can also supercharge the desire people have for what you’re selling.

Your earliest fans will love this, as they’ll feel part of an exclusive group that knows more than everyone else. You can show close-up product shots leading up to the big reveal that only tease a small part of it.

You could show different components, part of the packaging, or snippets of your planning documents. A shadowy image of an exciting new product alongside a “Coming Soon” can cause big chatter amongst your fans, as they try to guess what it could possibly mean.

Izzy Nalley | Izzy Nalley Consulting | Sept 2023 The Get Visible Method

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